Script Customization

We provide script customization, custom programming and script installation.

There are lots of great scripts out on the market, both open source and commercial. By using one of these pre-made scripts you can save time and money when building your website. However they are not always perfect for what you want to do with it and they need some form of customization.

Our developers can customize most PHP scripts to your requirements. We can modify most scripts written by other programmers or companies, as long as it is allowed by their copyright documentation. We also create custom scripts.

Script customization is purchased in blocks of time and paid for in advance once the details have been conformed and the quote has been accepted.
Our hourly rates are just $40 per hour
The minumum block of time available is 20 minutes.
The hourly rate for premium support is $50 Support requests can generally be handled within 24 hours (excluding weekends)

Whatever your particular programming needs, our services offer you professional results within the fastest time frame.
To get your project started as soon as posible, please submit a ticket and give as many specifics as possible. We will contact you promply with pricing details and what we would need to begin.

We specialize in customizing existing scripts including:

  • Customization of JOOMLA & Wordpress.
  • Building Custom Image GALLERY.
  • Modification of the core source code.
  • Addition of components, modules, plug ins, widgets and contribuions that are already available.
  • Addition of new features and services to your choice of cms system.
  • Development of new components, modules, plug-ins, or widgets.
  • Customization of themes and banners.
  • Customization of texts and images.
  • Customization of commercial scripts such as x-cartn vbulletin etc.
  • Development of new design / theme / template and integration on the script.
  • PSD to CMS (such as Joomla) template; your design and our programming.
  • Multi-portal Content Management.
  • Any php-mysql open source system.
  • Any php-mysql proprietary system.
  • Customization of template monster.
  • Custom flash CMS development.
All of your personal and credit card information is processed through secure servers which use SSL encryption. It cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

Ordering takes place via a secure server (SSL) and is carried out for us by PayPal. Following receipt of payment you will receive an e-mail with a download link

PayPal enables you to pay for your order directly without having to provide your bank details over the Internet. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential data with the help of the best technology available on the market.

Script Customization

Our programmers can customize most PHP scripts to your requirements. We can modify most scripts written by other programmers ... learn more

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