The Most Unique and Inspiring Google Logos

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Google does a lot of interesting things, of which one of the most popular being periodically changing their logo to reflect current events. In the past 10 years we have had the pleasure of seeing quite a few fascinating and delightful logo designs.

Most often we see these imaginative logos around holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other popular holidays. We are often surprised to see new logos unexpectedly, most recently for the 40th anniversary of Comic-Con. Outlined here are over 300 of the most brilliantly designed Google logos.

40th Anniversary of Comic-Con – July 23, 2009

Google Logo - 40th Anniversary of Comic-Con

Historically Long Solar Eclipse – July 22, 2009

Google Logo - Historically Long Solar Eclipse

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Anniversary – July 20, 2009

Google Logo - Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Anniversary

Nikola Tesla’s Birthday – July 10, 2009

Google Logo - Nikola Tesla's Birthday

Igor Stravinsky Birthday – June 17, 2009

Google Logo - Igor Stravinsky Birthday

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