Engator – the ultimate alternative to RSS Graffiti

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Engator is the ultimate service if you are looking for an alternative to RSS Graffiti, to auto publish your RSS items to Facebook.

“As of May 1, 2015, RSS Graffiti will no longer be available on either a free, or paid, basis to power Facebook automation for you.
Please ensure that you transition your account to an alternative service provider before April 30, 2015.”

Engator seems to be a great alternative to publishing your blog articles on Facebook. Engator periodically checks the RSS feeds that we specify and post the updated entries to the Facebook wall.

You can set various settings which adding blog feed to Engator. Specially, take care of schedule settings, where you can configure after how much time this service will check your blog feeds for updates and how many posts should go live at once. Depending upon your posting frequency, I would suggest set it wisely. Too many wall updates might be annoying for many Fans and they might unlike your page. So better, be wise than greedy.

If you would ask me give an honest opinion about Engator review, I would suggest grab this service right away. I have been using Engator for sometime and if you want to auto publish blog feed to Facebook fan page, this is one of the easiest method.

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