How do I import a database using phpMyAdmin?

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In this moment we do not have an installer for BNC Video Sharing Script so you will import manually the database with PhpMyAdmin.

To import your MySQL database, you can use phpMyAdmin which is available in your control panel. The steps to import your database are below.

1. Click on the icon labeled MySQL Databases in your control panel.
2. At the bottom of the screen in MySQL Databases you will see an option for PhpMyAdmin, click on it
3. Once in PhpMyAdmin you will see on the left side a drop down of your databases, select the database you would like to import to.
4. This will create some tabs at the top of the screen, click on SQL.
5. After clicking on SQL you will see a Text Box area and a file upload option.
6. Click browse on the file upload option and find your .sql file
7. After you have selected the file click GO and it will import your database.
If there are errors feel free to contact us.

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