Twitter Scripts – Useful Twitter Apps

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BNC Scripts provides you unique Twitter scripts | Twitter Apps written in php.

Automatic Rss to Twitter

BNC Automatic Rss to Twitter is the simplest and fastest way to automatically publish any site that has RSS feeds to twitter including blogs and news sites! BNC Automatic Rss to Twitter automatically sends how many tweets you want, at the moment you want, from unlimited feeds.

Twitter Image Signature

BNC Twitter Signature Image script (written in php) gives you the ability to display your current twitter status as an image signature. You just need to enter your twitter username and BNC Twitter Signature Image script will make the job.

Mass Follow/Unfollow Twitter Users

BNC Mass Follow/Unfollow Script (PHP Script) is a great way to manage all of your Twitter people in one place. With a simple click, you can follow or unfollow people, and these changes instantly update Twitter.

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