How to encrypt URL? (encrypted links script)

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Is there a way I can encrypt a page URL and hide the data source url?

There are times when you need to to hide the real path, web address or URL to a file that you  sell for profit – ebooks, mp3’s, software  etc (digital products) – We have a simple solution for you to hide the Real File URL and Provide Download via a PHP Script.

With BNC Secure Links you can hide the path of your files – and the best part – you can set the time of expiration (Time Based Expiration Link).

Main Features

  • Hides the true location of files on your server
  • Support images like jpeg, jpg, gif or png
  • Support video/audio formats like avi, mpg, mov, wma, mp3, mp3
  • Support also pdf, doc, zip, rar files
  • You can get the html source code from any website (downloadable files)
  • NO mysql database is required
  • The links can have expiration time
  • Support files stored ouside your server
  • Very good for softwares files

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